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The Vancouver district known as Gastown, situated at the northeast corner of the downtown area, is considered to be the birthplace of this city. Most of the major events that have occurred since Vancouver's story began, happened in or within blocks of Gastown.

At the time that the European presence was starting to make itself felt on a settlement and commercial basis on the west coast it had already been developing and thriving for 300 years on the continent's eastern shores.

As with most historical areas in major cities around the world Gastown has been subjected to cycles of growth, importance, vibrancy, neglect and rebirth. We are now entering a new period of development that encompasses the historical, cultural and commercial perspectives. A welcome addition playing a role in this particular cycle is the inclusion of a burgeoning resident population calling Gastown its home. Gastown is now becoming a community as well.

Gastown is totally integrated into the fabric of Vancouver activity and attractions. It is within walking distance of most downtown hotels, shops and attractions. Also within its boundaries is a transportation hub for the Lower Mainland at the old CPR Station on Cordova Street. It is here that many thousands of local residents connect with buses, ferries, light rapid transit and trains. This contributes to a daily flow of activity that is almost 24 hours a day.
As well as being an important tourist attraction with many retail and hospitality outlets, Gastown is home to many local businesses in the fields of entertainment, media, achitecture and consulting that serve not only the local market but also the world.

This website, emphasising visual content, hopes to provide an understanding and appreciation of the value that Gastown represents to Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. Enjoy your visit.


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