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Vancouver Lookout at Harbour Centre

The Vancouver Lookout is the most visible attraction in the downtown area with its unique viewing platform situated on top of the Harbour Centre Building. Along with Sinclair Centre it is considered to be part of Gastown even though the main entrances are on Hastings Street. The secondary entrances are situated on Gastown's Cordova Street.

A visit to the lookout is a must-do for visitors to Vancouver. Regardless of the time available it is a sure-fire way to get to know the geographical layout for the region. The experience of viewing Vancouver from here makes it easier to travel on your own by establishing directional landmarks that are easy to follow such as the range of mountains on the north that can be seen from most areas in the Lower Mainland.

Let's take a tour of the Lookout

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Reception Area

The reception area is located an escalator ride from the main entrance off Hastings Street. Once you get your ticket, which has re-entry privileges for the day, a high speed outside elevator whisks you to the top.

On top

Getting off the elevators you see some information panels that could be useful for general knowledge. Leading from this area are the viewing windows that go all around the structure. On the inside are rest areas with seating and various tourist resources. Also included is a light refreshment area. The Lookout is staffed by a group of knowledgeable guides who will do their utmost to answer your questions and share with you their enthusiasm for Vancouver.

Various views of the Lookout

This selection of images provides views of the Lookout from different parts of Vancouver under various weather conditions

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