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This page highlights some merchants that provide goods and services in Gastown. More pages will be added on a regular basis. The purpose of these pages is to provide insights and information to those who intend to visit Gastown in the future and are gathering ideas for planning their activities.

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Hill's Native Art

165 Water Street, Vancouver, BC, V6B 1A7

Hill's Native Art Gallery is an easy choice for a must-see store. No location in and around Vancouver has more quantity and diversity of product and art on display in a retail environment than is available here. Enough said, the images speak for themselves.
#1 Store entrace featuring mask wall & jwellery displays
#2 Mask wall on first floor

#3 Sun mask wall and sculpture display on first floor alcove
#4 View from second floor library of Cowichan display
#5 Plaque wall on second floor

#6 Larger pieces on third floor gallery
#7 Famous musk ox rug
#8 Prints & original paintings on third floor gallery

The Totems

#9 Cluster of totems 6-10 feet high
on the first floor
#10 Thunderbird & Killer Whale Totem
15 feet high by Charles Joseph

#11 Eagle with Snakes(right) by Rocky LaRock
Raven with Copper(left) by Darren MacKenzie
#12 Totems 8 - 15 feet high
by Francis Horne Jr., Peter Prevost
and Francis Horne

Old Spaghetti Factory

53 Water Street, Vancouver, BC, V6B 1A1

The Old Spaghetti Factory is a long-time Vancouver favourite. Its decor and fixtures blend perfectly with the Gastown environment. A highlight is the tram car inside the restaurant that has been set up for dining seating (kids love it). Friendly, upbeat, good prices add up to a great experience in a unique atmosphere. Enjoy this visual tour.


A trip down memory lane


Some visitors consider this to be a stained glass and antique heaven.



Silk Art & Jewelry

317 Water Street, Vancouver, BC

Silk Art shares space with the Gastown location for Big Bus Hop On Hop Off tours and an ice cream parlour.



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