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Welcome to Gastown, one of Vancouver's best known attractions. Here you will find the opportunity to experience architecture from the early 1900's in an atmosphere of cobblestones, Victorian street fixtures with some narrow lanes to explore. As well there is shopping in exotic and eclectic boutiques and galleries offering product that cannot be found elsewhere in the city. The range of food and drink establishments is unsurpassed in its variety.

Gastown is an area defined by Water, Cordova and carral streets. Most of what there is to experience can be found on Water Street between Maple Tree Square on the east and its' juncture with Cordova Street on the west. A good map can be found here. Due to the fact that Gastown is situated close to a part of the city that has significant social issues it is recommended that the western entrance be used to enter and leave.

At the present time, until STORYEUM opens in the spring of 2004, there are 3 locations of significant importance apart from shopping and eating establishments. The original CPR Station at the western end of Gastown, Maple Tree Square the heart of early Vancouver at the intersection of Water, Carral, Alexander and Powell, and finally the Gastown Steam Clock at Water and Cambie.

The Station
Maple Tree Square
Gastown Steam Clock

Station Interior

Transportation to and from Gastown is not an issue. Several tour operators drop off and pick up in Gastown. Most public transit connects to or runs within a block of the Cordova Street Station. Buses require correct change or the use of passes that can be bought for day use. The Seabus to the Northshore or the Skytrain (our light rapid transit) have automatic ticket booths that give change for bills (canadian $$ only). Our public transit allows a user to ride in any direction with stopovers within an alloted time 1 1/2 hours on a single fare. Watch out for the single, double and triple zone fares during business hours.

For families with young children Gastown is a pleasant choice. There are stores and galleries that have product of interest to curious and exploring minds, the Steam Clock fascinates all ages, the buildings and streets suggest a trip through time (as opposed to modern shopping malls) and the ever popular Spaghetti Factory with its fun staff, extensive pasta menu (it IS licensed as well) and the "in house full size" Tram Car used for dining seating.

Gastown is open all year round since it is fully integrated into Vancouver life as a business, retail and entertainment destination for locals as well. Please remember that there are no financial institutions in Gastown and the use of street level ATMs is not recommended. Be aware of your surroundings, secure your valuables as you would anywhere else and your visit will be a most enjoyable one.

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